Explore God Chicago

Explore God Chicago by Pastor Scott Eaton

Hopefully by now you have heard me talk about Explore God Chicago. This is a city wide initiative of more than 600 churches who are joining together to reach the community for Christ. The idea is to invite people you know to church on Sunday and/or a discussion group on Wednesday night who might have questions about God, the Christian faith or the meaning of life.

Beginning on January 13 through February 24, 2019 I will preach a series of seven messages around some of the big questions people have about God and life. These seven messages are as follows:

January 13 – Does Life Have a Purpose?
January 20 – Is There a God?
January 27 – Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
February 3 – Is Christianity Too Narrow?
February 10 – Is Jesus Really God?
February 17 – Is the Bible Reliable?
February 24 – Can I Know God Personally?

In addition to the Sunday messages I will be leading discussion groups around each of these topics on the Wednesday night after the Sunday it was preached. For example, on January 16 there will be a group gathered to discuss “Does Life Have a Purpose?” To benefit the most people should come to both the Sunday sermon and the Wednesday discussion, but they can also attend just one or the other too. Wednesday night will obviously be a small group of people and the discussion will be much like the small groups in Alpha. This group will be a non-judgmental place for people to ask questions and discuss the topic of the week. No pre-registration is required.

For this to work effectively it will require all of us to make it work. To be effective we must have people who need Jesus and have questions about the faith at church on Sundays or in a small group on Wednesdays. There are two things we need everyone to do.

First, we need everyone to pray about this. Please pray for me as I prepare to preach and lead discussions. Please pray for people you know who need the Lord. Please pray that you and everyone else would have a burden and courage to make invitations. Pray for open hearts and for the Holy Spirit to move in people. Pray for conversions to Jesus. Pray!

Secondly, we need everyone to personally invite someone to attend all or at least some of the messages and/or discussions. Do you know anyone who needs the Lord? Do you know anyone who has questions about life or God? Do you know someone struggling with life? Invite them!

To help you with your invitations you can send people the following video link via email or you may want to consider posting it on your Facebook page or other social media outlets.

Face to face invitations work very well too. Just make sure to include the dates and topics.

Beloved, this Explore God Chicago initiative has great potential. However, for it to reach its potential we all need to do our part. Will you start praying today? Will you begin making invitations? Let’s work together for God’s glory and the good of people who need Jesus.